Webinar: Countering the Movement of Terrorists Across Borders

Wednesday 28th June

Whilst the threat from international terrorism against western nations has reduced since the destruction of the ISIS caliphate, the threat is still very real. How much of their organization remains is unclear but large numbers of foreign terrorist fighters are still unaccounted for and continue to pose a real threat, both to their current refuge countries and to the international community.

This webinar will focus on how terrorists’ groups benefit from the poor border security and management by targeting gaps, weak spots, and bad practice. It will discuss how international cooperation can help to improve border controls in order to prevent and detect the movement of terrorists, including foreign terrorist fighters (FTFs), through information sharing, the implementation of best practice and the application of already available systems and technology.


  • Major General John Ochai, Director of Special Projects Research, Defence Headquarters Armed Forces of Nigeria
  • Esther Zubiri, Expert, AQ/ISIL/Taliban Monitoring Team, 1267/1989/2253 Sanctions Committee, 1988 Sanctions Committee United Nations Security Council
  • Nick Bennett, Course Director & United Kingdom Senior National Representative, NATO Centre of Excellence Defence Against Terrorism
  • Arian Sharifi, Associate Research Scholar, Princeton University’s School of Public and International Affairs