Webinar: Entry Exit System (EES) and their implications for international travel

The US has been collecting passenger biometric data upon entry and exit of the US for some time, but the rollout of the European Union, Entry Exit System (EES) perhaps has more implications for international travel globally. Because of geographical position the USA is often the final destination point for international travellers, and therefore usually only effects passengers and travellers heading to the US.  But Europe is not only a final destination but often a transit destination for many international journeys. Therefore, the rollout of European entry exit system will have major impacts around the world.

So, in this webinar we will look at the progress of the European EES roll out, the lessons learnt, the technology issues and the implications it will have for travellers, carriers and governments worldwide.

  • What is the current status of the European Entry Exit System roll out
  • Implications of EES for travellers, governments, and carriers worldwide
  • Lessons learnt from the US experience
  • What is the future of Entry Exit Systems and Trusted Traveller programmes


Luca Tagliaretti, Deputy Executive Director, eu-LISA

Rein Syld, Program Manager, Information Technology & Development Center Estonian Ministry of the Interior (SMIT), Estonia

Jonathan Prescott, Program Manager, Biometric Entry Exit Strategic Transformation, U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Willem Mudde, Director, MAPS International