Webinar: Implementing API/PNR and Entry/Exit programmes at maritime borders

The use of API and PNR data is set to provide border authorities and law enforcement agencies with vital criminal intelligence, allowing them to detect suspicious travel patterns and identify associates of criminals and terrorists.

The implementation of the EU’s new ETIAS Entry/Exit system, due to start at the end of 2022, will also provide an important additional layer of security for Schengen members, as well as facilitate easier passage for those visiting member states.

However, port, cruise and ferry operators and border authorities face unique challenges when it comes to the implementation of these programmes. This webinar will look at the operational and technological challenges of implementing these important programmes within the port environment.


  • Kevin McAnally, Maritime Expert, CT Travel Programme, UN
  • David Sanchez, Assistant Director, Global Targeting Advisory Division, USCBP
  • Andy Smith, Global Lead, Government & Industry Relations, Border Management & Government Services, SITA