Webinar: Project Sagamore: The Chemsex context and cross border drugs trafficking

Thursday 14th April 2022 – 9am EST / 2pm UK / 3pm CET

Chemsex is a situation whereby a person engages in sex with another (or others), using drugs before or during sexual activity, to sustain, enhance, disinhibit or facilitate the sexual experience. This may be a one off meeting or a prolonged encounter taking place over a number of days. Arrangements are usually made via a geosocial networking (hook up) apps. Other common features include the involvement of ‘men who have sex with men’ and the use of GBL/GHB and Crystal Meth.

We are able to provide a comprehensive picture as to the vulnerability and exploitation inherent in the scene, including the:

• Poly-drug use and supply of drugs – particularly GBL/GHB and Crystal Meth
• The huge vulnerability present – with both hidden and overt ‘harms’ highly prevalent (including rape, mental health, addiction / dependency & shame, fatal overdoses and murder)
• How both highly dangerous perpetrators and Organised Criminal Networks are attracted to the scene

This is both a national and international issue; with Chemsex known by different names, in different places. There is a distinct international element to the importation of drugs. International partners will also benefit from a greater understanding of the harms inherent in this ‘hidden’ drugs market. Considerable learning has been obtained from a range of high profile cases, the triangulation of data from a number of criminal justice stakeholders and by working closely with Academic experts.

This webinar will address:

  1. What the Chemsex Context is; including how & why GBL and Crystal Meth are so integral to it.
  2. A focus on GBL importation by NCA Fast Parcels – Multi-Agency Hub. Where and how it GBL is coming to the UK and the risks associated with some of those importing it.
  3. A focus on Crystal Meth supply within the Chemsex context from proactive leads within the Metropolitan Police Specialist Crime Command. This will explore how these markets differ significantly from other drugs markets, lessons learnt from proactivity and the links identified between GBL and Meth supply.
  4. The development of a strategic response to crime related risk, harm and vulnerability within the Chemsex context through Project Sagamore.


  • Allen Davis, Inspector – Honour, Belief and Sex (crime and vulnerability) Partnership Team, Continuous Policing Improvement Command, Metropolitan Police Service
  • Richard Unwin PC, Honour, Belief and Sex (crime & vulnerability) Partnership Team
  • DI Louise Houtmeyers, Specialist Crime South (proactivity)
  • Siobhan Lester, NCA Fast Parcel Multi-Agency Hub