Webinar: Responding to Conflict Migration Crises

One of the sad inevitable outcomes of armed conflicts is the displacement of people both within the affected country and to its neighbours.

The movement of tens of thousands of vulnerable often desperate people creates the circumstances in which unscrupulous exploitative actors can thrive. Conflict migrants are also usually disproportionately made up of women and children who are especially vulnerable to exploitation and are deliberately targeted by criminal groups. The speed with which these migrant crises situations often develop is another consequence of the unexpected break out of conflict.

This means that state and non-state actors need to be ready to act quickly and decisively, with credible emergency legal entry pathways and registration systems, plus all the practical procedures and essential services needed to respond quickly and co-operatively to the next migrant crisis.

This webinar will look at the current crisis in Eastern Europe, what important lessons have been learnt, even as the crisis continues. And will look at what can be done to respond better to the next conflict crises, which is so sadly inevitable.