Webinar: The French Government’s efforts to fight cross-border crime – the API/PNR case study

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In 2013, the French Government set up a joint ministerial committee to implement an API/PNR solution to guide talks regarding anti-terrorism laws and the European Union’s PNR directive.

The objectives were to prevent, detect and investigate terrorist threats, serious crimes and any attempt against the fundamental interest of the Nation.

To this end, the joint committee wanted to implement a more efficient and modern solution, leveraging passengers’ data, to automate the targeting and identification of sensitive or suspicious patterns, with the highest consideration for data protection.

With the support of IDEMIA, the solution has been in operation since 2016. The French PIU, made up of 70 experts from the main security agencies in the country, is assisting and advising more than 5,000 end users in their daily investigation tasks. This spans from risks assessment to detection and interception of risky passengers.

Join this webinar to learn more about the challenges faced by the French Government and how the implemented solution is helping the relevant Government agencies to improve the security levels of the country and its residents.


  • Paul-Henri Charrier : Program Director, PNR France, ANDV
  • Nicolas Phan : Market Manager, Border Control and Passenger Facilitation, IDEMIA
  • Noureddine Ghamri, Business Manager, Idemia