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Young Afghan man rescued after being unconscious in the trailer of a truck coming from Turkey

A 39-year-old Romanian citizen, who was driving a road, showed up for the border formalities on the way to enter the country. According to the documents accompanying the goods, the driver was transporting car tires from Turkey to Germany.

Following the preliminary check on the means of transport, the border guards found that the tarpaulin of the semi-trailer was cut in the back.

Giurgiu border police officers carried out a thorough control over the truck, on which occasion they discovered, hidden among the transported goods, two men.

One of them was fainting, which is why our colleagues immediately took him from the trailer of the means of transport, giving him first aid and immediately requesting medical support.

Thus, a SMURD crew arrived on the spot and provided the young man with specialized first aid and, subsequently, he was transported to the Giurgiu County Hospital, for medical care.

Around 16.00, the man’s health condition became stable, and he was taken to continue the checks at the Giurgiu Road Border Crossing Point.