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100 foreign citizens, detected by the border police – A Serbian citizen was remanded in custody

At  the Romanian Cenad Border Crossing Point , ITPF Timişoara, the border police performed the border formalities, on the way out of the country, for a 46-year-old Serbian citizen. The man was driving a van, registered in Germany and, according to the documents, he was transporting plastic edging bound for Germany.

Acting on the basis of the risk profile, a thorough control of the means of transport was carried out, as a result of which the border police discovered 25 foreign citizens in the cargo compartment .

The persons in question were taken to the headquarters of the border police sector for investigation. During the verifications, our colleagues established that the persons are citizens of Pakistan, India and Vietnam aged between 25 and 40 years old, legally entered the territory of Romania. They stated that they intended to arrive illegally in a western European state.

Taking into account the aspects found, the border police have started investigations under the aspect of committing the crime of attempted fraudulent crossing of the state border  for foreign citizens hidden in a van . At the same time, the driver is being investigated for the crime of migrant trafficking, for which the judge of rights and liberties of the Timiş Court accepted the case prosecutor’s proposal, ordering the investigation under preventive arrest for 30 days, for the Serbian citizen.

Also, today, around 00:45, the border police officers from the Jimbolia and Lunga Border Police Sectors detected fourteen foreign citizens who were walking on foot and did not justify their presence in the areas near the border with Serbia.

During the preliminary checks, the border police established that the foreign citizens are from Nepal and are aged between 20 and 44 years. From the first statements, it emerged that they tried to illegally cross the border from Romania to Serbia, with the intention of reaching Western Europe.

In both situations, the foreign nationals entered the country legally, based on work visas. The border police are investigating the crime of attempted fraudulent crossing of the state border, upon completion of which the necessary legal measures will be taken.

On the same day, at the Nădlac II Border Crossing Point , a Turkish citizen, a Bulgarian and a Czech driver of two vehicles registered in Turkey, respectively Bulgaria and a van registered in the Czech Republic. The drivers were transporting a modular container, tiles and auto parts for commercial companies in Germany, Hungary and Austria.

Following the thorough control of the means of transport, a total of 59 foreign citizens were discovered hidden in the cargo compartments.

The persons were picked up and transported to the headquarters of the sector for investigations where, following checks, the border police established that they are citizens of Syria, Turkey, Iraq, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and Ethiopia, who entered Romania legally.

Also, at the Nădlac I Border Crossing Point , our colleagues checked a truck registered in Turkey, driven by a Turkish citizen, and discovered, in the driver’s rest compartment, two people. During the preliminary checks, the border guards determined that they were citizens of Syria.