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Thirty Syrians detained by Romanian border guards

Romanian border guards identified and stopped a BMW car, registered in Romania, driven by a Romanian citizen and a VW van, registered in Bulgaria. The driver of the van continued to drive for about 500m and then abandoned the car. Following inspection in the cargo compartment, 30 foreign nationals were discovered, without identity documents on them.

Support was requested from IPJ Mehedinți and IJJ Mehedinți for searching the area in order to identify the driver of the van.

The driver of the car was determined to be a forerunner, and the foreign nationals were taken to the headquarters of the Territorial Service of the Mehedinti Border Police for checks.

Following initial checks, it was established that the persons concerned were Syrian nationals, including seven minors, aged between 10 and 18, and 23 adults, aged between 18 and 46.

During the checks, the adults stated that they came from the neighboring country and wanted to reach the countries of Western Europe.