Grayshift Accelerates GrayKey Innovation for Android Devices in Mobile Device Digital Forensics

Grayshift has announced that GrayKey, the company’s flagship product, now provides access for Motorola devices, specifically the Moto e7 and Moto e devices; enables access to Mobile-Device Management (MDM)-enrolled Android devices; and extends Android Keystore access for several encrypted applications. These product innovations advance Grayshift’s mission to help accelerate investigations of U.S. and worldwide law enforcement agencies by providing lawful access to modern mobile devices.

According to industry statistics, 83.72% of the world’s population owns a smartphone. As such, mobile device digital forensics is a critical component in criminal investigations today. “Access to digital evidence can mean the difference between swiftly obtaining critical lawful evidence and a criminal investigation going unsolved,” said David Miles, Co-Founder and CEO of Grayshift. “Law enforcement agencies need solutions like GrayKey that provide trusted, unequaled access to digital evidence, reducing the backlog of previously inaccessible mobile devices.”

Recent GrayKey product updates include the following new capabilities:

Extends Access to Motorola Devices – Grayshift has dramatically increased Android support since initial launch. Since introducing support in 2021, Grayshift has expanded to coverage to 250 models with Qualcomm, Exynos, and MediaTek chipsets. Now with the introduction of Motorola device support, starting with the Moto e7 and Moto e devices, Grayshift provides coverage for the top three device manufacturers, comprising almost 40% of all smartphones sold globally.

Enables Initial Access for MDM-Enrolled Android Devices  – Many organizations require personnel to install MDM software on their mobile devices for security reasons. GrayKey now provides Initial Access for many MDM-enrolled Android devices.

Extends Android Keystore Access for Several Encrypted Applications  – Mobile device users turn to encrypted apps for privacy, beyond the protection offered by their mobile devices. Digital forensics teams can now use GrayKey to access several encrypted apps on Android devices, enabling Law Enforcement to decrypt selected third-party application data needed to solve investigations.

“Grayshift is delivering on its promise of innovation at a rapid pace,” said Braden Thomas, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Grayshift. “We are committed to developing the technology necessary to help law enforcement better serve and protect our communities around the world. Our research and development teams are laser focused on maximizing the benefits of GrayKey for our law enforcement partners.”