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Bosnian Police – Human Traffickers Arrested

On 13 August 2022, officers of Border Police Unit Zvornik apprehended two citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as they were caught in smuggling of 11 people of Afro-Asian origin.

The smuggling was prevented in Šetići in the area of Zvornik, when the above mentioned people were detected without identification documents, upon the border check of two vehicles of BiH license plates.  

Following the order of duty prosecutor of the BiH Prosecutor’s Office, the citizens of BiH were interviewed as suspects and report on committed criminal offence ‘People smuggling’ will be filed to this institution against them.  

The smuggled migrants who stated in Questionnaires for Migrants that they came from Burundi (1), Guinea-Bissau (4), Cameroon (2) and Congo (4), were handed over to officers of the Service for Foreigners Affairs of BiH for further procedure.