190 kilos of cocaine seized in Africa in two containers from the port of Gran Canaria

Guardia Civil, Customs Surveillance of the Tax Agency and National Police in Spain, in collaboration with the police authorities of the African country of Benin and the NCA of the United Kingdom, within the framework of the operation ‘Bryant / Zarza’ have proceeded to the apprehension of two parties of high-purity cocaine of 40 and 150 kilos, which were hidden in two containers with legal cargo from South America, which had to make a transit on the island of Gran Canaria.

As a result of the constant analysis carried out by the units in charge of the repression of drug trafficking, information was obtained that pointed to the imminent entry into the Gran Canaria port of La Luz, of a consignment of narcotic substances hidden in containers from the port of Santos (Brazil).

As a result of this information, the Spanish units established a series of services aimed at apprehending the substances.

As a result of the intense analysis carried out by the Customs Surveillance investigators, regarding the dense container traffic that passes through the Port of La Luz daily, it was learned that a container suspected of hiding narcotic substances had left the port of La Luz bound for the African country of Benin, specifically the port of Cotonou, so the Spanish security forces and bodies requested the collaboration of the NCA and the Benin police authorities, to inspect the container, resulting in the same apprehension of two bags inside which were 40 packages of cocaine of approximately one kilo each.

Approximately one month later, and thanks to the cooperation mentioned above, the Benin police authorities proceeded to inspect a second container that had traveled the same route as the previous one inspected, leaving Brazil, stopping in transit at the Port of La Luz and final destination in Cotonou (Benin), resulting in the apprehension of 150 kilos of cocaine hidden among the legal cargo of the container, proceeding to the arrest of a male of Nigerian nationality.

The investigation has been carried out by Customs Surveillance officials of the Tax Agency in the Canary Islands, agents of the EDOA of the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Command and the ECO of the Central Operational Unit based in the Canary Islands, by the Civil Guard and by agents of the G50 of UDYCO of the General Police Station of the Judicial Police, of UDYCO G1 of the Provincial Police Station of Las Palmas, UDYCO G1 of the Provincial Police Station of Santa Cruz de Tenerife by the National Police.