The Spanish Civil Guard dismantles a criminal organization of Turkish origin specialized in heroin and marijuana trafficking

The Spanish Civil Guard, within the framework of operation “Argay”, has dismantled a transnational criminal organization made up of people of up to ten nationalities and led by citizens of Turkish origin, which focused its activity on the export of large quantities of marijuana and heroin. from our country to Germany and other countries in Eastern Europe.

The investigation, coordinated by EUROPOL, has been carried out by the Central Operational Unit (UCO) of the Civil Guard with the collaboration of foreign police and customs agencies from France and Turkey. 

More than two tons of marijuana and six indoor plantations

This operation, carried out last week after several months of investigation, has resulted in the seizure of more than two tons of marijuana throughout the different phases of the operation. Six indoor plantations have been dismantled and 300 kilograms of marijuana buds already vacuum-packed and ready for distribution have been seized during searches carried out in the provinces of Granada, Malaga and Seville.

In these searches, three fully operational short firearms and ammunition for them, 138,000 euros in cash and ten high-end vehicles have also been seized. Apart from the crimes of belonging to a criminal organization and against public health, drug trafficking, they are charged with the crime of money laundering, for which multiple bank assets and various real estate properties have also been blocked.

The criminal organization also involved in heroin trafficking destined for the European Union was made up of people of different nationalities acting from different countries with arrests of nationals from Spain, Germany, Austria, Syria, Montenegro, Romania, Turkey, Ukraine, Argentina and Venezuela.

In addition to the Civil Guard, more than 400 agents from different specialties, agents from the French Customs Service (DNRED), and the Anti-Narcotics Department of the Turkish National Police (NSB) participated in the actions, all of which was coordinated by Europol.