25 kilograms of drugs seized by Turkish Customs Enforcement teams

A bus with foreign license plates coming from Iraq to the customs gate was considered risky by the Habur Customs Enforcement, Smuggling and Intelligence Directorate according to the analysis.

After the suspect bus was referred for x-ray scanning, the narcotic detector was checked with dogs. The products were unloaded from the bus when detector dogs overreacted to the marble-looking plastic cutting boards in the trunk of the bus. It was observed that the inside of the opened two cutting boards were completely covered with a powder substance. It was understood that the sample taken from the powder substance was heroin in the analysis made with a drug test device.

The total scope of the investigation conducted seized 2 kilos of heroin weighing about 150 grams, was found to be carrying another bus from the borders of Turkey in similar products. As a result of the investigations, the information of the suspicious bus determined to be in Istanbul was shared with the Istanbul Customs Guard, Smuggling and Intelligence Directorate.

In the operation carried out in line with this information, the suspect bus was stopped and checked, and 4 meat cutting boards were found in his luggage. Following similar methods, a total of 8 kilograms of heroin was seized inside the boards, which were found to be used in drug shipment.

Meanwhile in another operation performed by the Customs Enforcement teams, plate Habur Customs Gate foreigners wishing to enter Turkey from the car, was assessed risk. When the car, which was shipped to the X-ray machine, encountered an extraordinary density in the front seats and trunk, the vehicle was taken to the search hangar.

In the search carried out with narcotic detector dogs, it was determined that powder materials were stored in cardboard boxes in the front seats of the vehicle. When the narcotic detector dog reacted to the fire tube in the trunk of the vehicle, the fire tube was cut and opened.

It was determined that the sample taken from the powder material inside the cardboard boxes was methanphetamine in the analysis performed with a drug test device, and the powder substance in the fire tube was heroin. As a result of the operation, a total of 13 kilograms of methamphetamine and 2 kilograms of heroin were seized.

While the 25 kilograms of drugs captured as a result of the operations carried out one after another were seized, 7 persons were detained within the scope of the investigation carried out on the issue.