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5 Romanian Nationals Apprehended for Illegal Entry in Van Buren, Maine by US Border Patrol Agents

On April 23, 2022, a vehicle illegally crossed the U.S. border near Van Buren, Maine. Border Patrol Agents from the Van Buren Station responded and encountered five individuals attempting to further their illegal entry into the United States.

During a vehicle stop on U.S. Highway 1A near Caswell, Maine, Border Patrol Agents encountered five Romanian nationals – two adults and three children – present illegally in the United States. Al subjects were transported to the Van Buren Station for further processing after being identified as Romanian nationals who had illegally crossed the border from Canada and had no legal right to be or remain in the United States.

In this event, the adults were returned to Canada via Title 42 and were fined $5000 under Title 19 USC 1459 – a civil penalty for their illegal entry into the country.  

“With the spotlight currently focused on our efforts at the Southwest Border, it can be easy to overlook the daily dedication and vigilance of our Border Patrol Agents working along America’s Northern Border,” said Patrol Agent in Charge of the Van Buren Station Dale Carraturo. “This apprehension speaks to that vigilance, as well as the continued commitment of Houlton Sector agents, to secure the American homeland and provide the best service to the American people.”