50 kilograms of heroin caught in date boxes by Turkish customs

Vehicles coming to the customs gate by the Esendere Customs Enforcement Smuggling and Intelligence Directorate in Turkey were subjected to risk analysis within the framework of efforts to combat drug trafficking. a truck loaded palm coming from Iran to Turkey was considered risky.

The Customs Enforcement teams, who took action after the truck arrived at the customs gate, sent the truck for x-ray scanning. An x-ray scan revealed a suspicious concentration in the legal load of the truck. After this point, the truck was taken to the search hangar and its load was unloaded. When the dogs reacted to the date boxes on the truck, which was also searched with narcotic detector dogs, the boxes were opened and searched. In the search, it was determined that transparent date packages were placed in the upper section where the date boxes were divided into two parts, but the drug packages were hidden in the closed compartment under the boxes.

As a result of the attention and diligent work of the Customs Enforcement teams, a total of 50 kilograms of 150 grams of heroin drugs with a market value of 25 million lira were seized in 115 packages in date boxes.

While the truck driver related to the incident was detained, the vehicle was seized. The investigation is continuing.