8 people arrested and almost 4 tons of hashish seized in two operations in Almería

The Spanish Civil Guard, in two operations called Mauritania and Fischer, has arrested eight people for drug trafficking offenses, seizing a total of 3,960 kilos of hashish in both operations.

Operation Mauritania

The Civil Guard learned of an organization that was introducing hashish on the beaches between Aguadulce and Roquetas, for which it organized a device to seize the drug and arrest those responsible.

The agents detected a boat at low speed heading to La Ventilla beach, and several people were also on the shore at that time, who were suspected of being waiting for the semi-rigid to unload it.

Once the drugs were unloaded, the OCON-SUR and the Almería Command officers went to the point of the cache where they observed a truck fleeing the place at full speed. After being followed through several streets, three people got out of the moving vehicle and fled on foot, letting the truck hit a building in Roquetas causing serious damage to it.

Finally, 56 bales of hashish were found in the truck that dropped a weight of 1,680 kilos, for which three people who participated in the cache were arrested.

After several steps, the agents arrested a food businessman from Berja days later as responsible for the operation of the cache, for which there are 4 detainees.

Operation Fisher

OCON-SUR agents learned that a boat dedicated to fishing could be introducing significant amounts of hashish, so a device was organized in the port of Roquetas de Mar.

The civil guards observed a suspicious fishing boat in the dry dock area. Next to the boat was a gondola-type trailer hooked to a tractor head.

The agents identified several people who were next to the boat and proceeded to inspect it. In the hold, they found 10 burlap bales and 66 plastic jugs, containing hashish pills, a total of 2,280 kilos of this substance, for which the three people who were taking the boat ashore were arrested.

Days later, the person who had leased the boat was arrested, so in the end there are 4 detainees and, in addition to the hashish mentioned, the fishing boat and the truck in which they intended to transport it have been seized.