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82 foreign citizens detected attempting to cross illegally

At the Romanian Nădlac II Border Crossing Point, two Turkish citizens and one Romanian, who were driving vehicles registered in Turkey and Romania, showed up for the border formalities on the way out of the country. They were transporting, according to the documents accompanying the goods, furniture, aluminum profiles and containers for commercial companies in Germany, Denmark and Poland.

Following the thorough inspection of the vehicle, 70 foreign citizens were discovered hidden in semi-trailers, among the transported goods.

The persons were picked up and transported to the headquarters of the sector for investigations where, following checks, the border police established that they are citizens of various states – Syria, Ethiopia, Pakistan, India, Morocco, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Turkey, who intended to cross fraudulently cross the state border to reach western European states.

During the night, the border police officers from the Turnu Border Police Sector, as part of the specific state border surveillance actions, noticed, near the border line, a group of people moving on foot in the direction of the neighboring state. They moved to intercept them. Since they did not justify their presence in the area, those in question were taken to the institution’s headquarters for verification. Following the investigations, it was determined that it is 12 people from India, Ethiopia and Afghanistan, aged between 18 and 33, who entered Romania legally.