Indian citizens found on the border with Ukraine

Romanian border guards from the Darabani Border Police Sector and border guards from the Territorial Service of the Botoşani Border Police carried out an action for the prevention of illegal migration.

During the mission, eight people were found within the border locality Baranca – Hudeşti, in the immediate vicinity of the Prut River, who tried to cross the border illegally over the Prut River. They were taken to the headquarters of the Darabani Border Police Sector, for further investigations.

Following verification carried out and following the exchange of operational data between the Romanian and Ukrainian border authorities, it was established that the eight men, aged between 19 and 48, are citizens of India and tried to enter illegally from Ukraine in Romania in order to reach a state in the Schengen Area.

In this case, joint investigations are being carried out with the Ukrainian border authorities in terms of committing the crime of fraudulent crossing of the state border, and based on the readmission agreement concluded between the European Union and Ukraine, the eight citizens were taken over by the neighboring state authorities.

The representatives of the two states will cooperate in the future and will take all the necessary measures to maintain a climate of order and security at the common border.