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A criminal organization dedicated to human trafficking, drugs and currency counterfeiting has been dismantled

Agents of the Spanish National Police, in collaboration with EUROPOL and the French National Police, have dismantled a criminal organization based in Girona allegedly dedicated to human trafficking, drug trafficking and currency counterfeiting. The network, which had connections with other organized crime networks such as the Neapolitan Camorra, would have participated in the trafficking of more than 500 migrants who arrived by boat to Spain with France as their main destination, as well as in more than 60 drug sales operations, which would have brought them significant benefits. There are 13 detainees in Figueras (Girona), five in Barcelona and four in La Junquera (Girona).

The investigation began after a previous operation in which it was possible to dismantle a criminal organization dedicated to the illegal trafficking of Syrian migrants. The agents’ investigations made it possible to discover the existence of another criminal network, based in Girona, that collaborated with the dismantled network and was made up of citizens of Moroccan nationality specialized in the illegal trafficking of Algerian and Moroccan migrants, in drug trafficking and in currency counterfeiting.

From Morocco and Algeria to France

The organization, in perfect coordination with other human trafficking networks based in the countries of origin -Morocco and Algeria-, collected migrants who had recently arrived by boat to the Spanish coast and transported them by road to various safe houses located in the province. of Girona where they remained hidden, in overcrowded and unsanitary conditions, for the time necessary until their transfer to France was organized, mainly to the town of Perpignan. To do this, they had a large fleet of vehicles, some with French license plates to go unnoticed, which included shuttle cars to detect and avoid the police presence.

The criminal network took advantage of the situation of need and vulnerability of migrants and charged them abusive amounts for their services. Thus, migrants had to pay 4,000 euros to be picked up on the coast, 1,000 euros to be transferred to the safe apartments, 250 euros per week to stay in those apartments and 500 euros more for the clandestine transfer to France, or 1,500 euros in case of wanting to get to Italy.

Drug trafficking and counterfeit currency

In parallel to its human trafficking activities, the dismantled network was also dedicated to the trafficking of narcotic substances, mainly cocaine and cannabis, through the sale and distribution to third parties in the province of Girona and its trafficking to France, using heated vehicles. where they hid the drugs. Furthermore, and due to international connections with other organized crime networks, investigators have been able to detect that the network used counterfeit currency, specifically very good quality 100 euro bills linked to the Italian mafia known as the “Neapolitan Camorra.”

The investigation has ended with a macro police operation in which more than 120 agents have participated and in which the entry and search of five homes in Figueras and La Junquera has been carried out, where 115,085 euros in cash have been seized. 2,200 euros in counterfeit bills, 1,797 grams of cocaine, 553 grams of hashish, 287 grams of marijuana, a compressed air shotgun, two knives, utensils for cutting, packaging and distributing drugs, and various documentation relevant to the investigation.