A failed attempt to smuggle amber

At the border crossing in Korczowa, officers of the Border Guard and the National Revenue Administration prevented the smuggling of over 100-kilograms of amber with an estimated value of almost PLN 400,000. zł. The amber cargo, hidden under a transport of MDF boards, was smuggled by a Ukrainian truck driver.

A Ukrainian citizen was caught red-handed on Thursday, August 6. During the inspection of the cargo space of the lorry semi-trailer, officially carrying MDF boards, officers noticed a foil sticking out of the structural elements of the floor. It turned out that under the folded segments there were 100 kilograms of amber, packed in several dozen plastic bags. The estimated value of smuggling is over 385 thousand. zlotys.

The truck driver admitted that the amber belongs to him and was to be delivered to the Polish market. 35,000 were secured against the impending fine. zł. KAS officers carry out further actions in relation to the person and the goods disclosed.