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A group of seventeen migrants led by a Romanian, found on the border with Serbia

Based on intelligence, border police officers identified and stopped, near the border with Serbia, a minibus registered in Slovenia, driven by a 52-year-old Romanian citizen.

During the checks carried out, the border police found that 17 foreign nationals were inside the minibus. Having suspicions about the purpose of their presence in the border area, the persons in question were taken to the headquarters of the research institution where their epidemiological triage was performed by the medical crew who arrived on the spot.

Following the checks, the border police established that the 17 passengers are citizens of India, Bangladesh and Pakistan, all men, aged between 17 and 37 years. During the investigations, the foreign citizens declared that they illegally crossed the border from Serbia, on foot, being then taken over by the Romanian citizen, near the border with the neighbouring state, intending to reach the municipality of Timişoara, with his help.