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A major order for its AARTOS drone detection system

With AARTOS DDS, AARONIA AG offers flexible, customizable solutions for all requirements and budgets. From the mobile laptop versions X2 and X5 for limited applications to the high-end solutions X7 and X9. AARTOS thus covers all civil and military areas in which drones can pose a threat.

“An order of this volume, including detection and jamming technology, is for us both confirmation and motivation,” says Thorsten Chmielus, CEO and founder of AARONIA AG. “It underlines the performance and reliability of our CUAV system. The trust we have received encourages us to consistently develop AARTOS further to offer our customers the best possible protection against drone attacks at all times.

The company claims that some of the unique features that distinguish AARTOS from competitors’ systems are likely to have been a decisive factor in the award of the contract. For example, the system not only determines the position and speed of drones, but also their altitude. It ensures high-speed localization of drone activity. To do this, it scans the entire frequency spectrum, including simultaneous scans of different frequencies, enabling it to locate all drones that use radio signals. The positioning of the drone as well as the operator is provided by AARTOS in real time. AARONIA’s proprietary software solution RTSA-Suite PRO plays a central role in this process. The powerful real-time spectrum analysis software enables the integration of a wide variety of hardware components for evaluation, thus guaranteeing simple, efficient and optimal use of the respective system.