A maritime vessel and two port surveillance and control sloops from the Coast Guard will continue rescue missions in the Mediterranean. Over 680 people in danger, rescued

The maritime vessel MAI 1107, together with the maritime sloops MAI 3064 and MAI 3067 of the Coast Guard, participates in the Joint Operation “THEMIS 2023”, organized under the auspices of the European Border Police and Coast Guard Agency (FRONTEX). The ship MAI 1107 sails on the Constanța-Catania route, has 28 crew members on board and will carry out individual patrol, research, search and rescue missions during the period 13.05-13.07.2023.

The two port surveillance and control sloops, MAI 3064 and MAI 3067, navigate the Constanţa-Augusta (Italian Republic) route, each of which has 8 crew members on board.

The means of naval mobility of the Romanian Border Police will carry out individual patrolling, surveillance, search and rescue missions in the Mediterranean Sea, at the external maritime border, along with the enforcement and respect of the law of all the EU member states participating in the mission.

It will be considered the undertaking of common measures in the line of controlling migratory flows at the maritime borders of the community space, increasing the efficiency of the exchange of data and information between the law enforcement authorities of these countries, as well as an exchange of experience between European border police officers .

Starting from 17.03.2023, the Romanian Border Police had two PFR ships deployed on mission in the Mediterranean Sea, within the same “THEMIS 2023” operation, which will return to the country in mid-May. The maritime patrol vessel MAI 1106, located in Catania, provided support in four events that involved saving human life at sea, in the case of four fishing boats that had an impressive number of migrants on board (approximately 2,000 migrants). As part of the rescue missions, 604 people were transshipped on board the Romanian ship, the Romanian border police assisting them.

Also, the surveillance and port control boat MAI 3066, deployed in Pantelerria, detected and intercepted two inflatable boats and one wooden one, which were sailing towards the territorial sea of ​​the Italian Republic. Romanian border policemen rescued 78 people in danger and provided them with medical assistance. At the same time, our colleagues ensured the safe towing, to a port in the island of Pantelleria, of a sailing ship that was drifting, being unable to maneuver, a boat that had two citizens of the French Republic on board .        

Later, all the persons were taken over by the Italian authorities, and the naval assets of the Romanian Border Police resumed their missions within the Frontex operation.

The main objective of the “THEMIS” Joint Operation is the support of the Italian authorities in the surveillance and control of the maritime borders of the European Union, as well as the search and rescue of persons in distress at sea (Search and Rescue) at the maritime border of the European Union.