About 4 tons of tobacco leaves, found hidden in a truck

Border guards at the Giurgiu Border Crossing Point found a Bulgarian citizen carrying 3,836 kilograms of tobacco leaves, hidden among sunflower seeds.

On the night of 29.04.2021, around 00.30, the border police officers from PTF Giurgiu carried out, on the way to enter the country, the specific control on a Scania truck, driven by a 37-year-old Bulgarian citizen. . He was transporting, according to the documents accompanying the goods, sunflower seeds, from a company in Bulgaria, to a company in Romania.

Following the thorough control carried out, the Giurgiu border police discovered, in the semi-trailer of the means of transport, several large bags, which were hidden under the declared goods.

They were inventoried, establishing that there were 125 bags, which contained tobacco leaves, in a total quantity of 3,836 kilograms.

Regarding the findings, the driver told the border guards that he had taken the trailer from Bulgaria and was unaware of the hidden tobacco.