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ADL Inc. introduces New Motorized Zoom lens with 80x Zoom Ratio with 5 Mega Pixel Resolution

ADL Inc. has released the HZ80X1235DPFIR, a Motorized Zoom Lens with one of the industry’s biggest Zoom Ratio up to 80X, and also one of the industry highest Resolution up to 5 Mega Pixel.

The lens is an ideal solution for camera systems which need to monitor a long distance using a visible light camera, including border control, harbour/port monitoring, city surveillance, critical infrastructure protection, etc.

The lens is design based on 1/1.8” format size, with a focal length from 12.5mm to 1000mm, and a very bright F-Stop F3.5.

Basic features like Preset, Fog-Free, IR Correction, plus user friendly features like Boresight Adjustment and Back Focus Adjustment functions, all came in one as a standard function.

The Iris can be either a DC Auto Iris or Remote Manual Iris (Override Manual) according to the user’s preference.

The lens also has a special additional function called TFC (Temperature Focusing Control), which compensates the focus shift and keep focus (*Wide End only) between operating tempratures of -10°~+50°, eliminating the need to readjust the Back Focus in this temprature range.