Approximately 150,000 packs of cigarettes, found hidden in metal boxes in a truck

On 31.05.2021, in the Giurgiu Border Crossing Point, a 43-year-old Romanian citizen, driving a road ensemble, showed up for the border control, on the way to enter the country. .According to the accompanying documents, he was transporting gypsum pallets from Bulgaria to a Hungarian trading company.

During the preliminary check on the means of transport with a canine crew, the service dog detected the presence of tobacco products inside the vehicle.

Suspicious of the goods being transported, the border guards carried out a thorough check on the truck. Thus, they discovered that in the cargo compartment, inside the gypsum pallets, there were metal boxes, in which were hidden cigarettes, which did not have fiscal markings applied.

Proceeding to the inventory of the discovered goods, the quantity of 149,990 packs of cigarettes resulted, amounting to 2,999,800 lei.

The Giurgiu border police officers made unavailable the entire quantity of cigarettes, as well as the 15 pallets with gypsum transported by the driver, in order to continue the investigations.

A detention order was issued on behalf of the Romanian citizen for 24 hours, and in this case the border police are conducting investigations under the aspect of committing the crime of “smuggling”, under the coordination of the case prosecutor from the Prosecutor’s Office attached to Giurgiu Court.