BOC NAIA, PDEA, NAIA-IADITG Seize 4.143 Million worth of ECSTASY “Party Drugs” declared as switch panels

The Bureau of Customs Port of NAIA (BOC NAIA) and the Philippine Drug enforcement Agency (PDEA) and NAIA-IADITG seized a total of 2,437 tablets of ecstacy party drugs at the Central Mail Exchange Center (CMEC) and DHL warehouse in Pasay City.

The drugs were intercepted through the intensified profiling and examination conducted by Customs Personnel. Concealed in 2 letter posts and 1 parcel declared as ‘switch pannel’, the illegal drugs were discovered in secret spaces in between the box and envelopes. The said parcels originated from Germany the Netherlands and consigned to individuals addressed in Quezon City, Bulacan and Las Pinas City.

A total of 2,437 ecstacy tablets were discovered and were estimated to have a market value amounting to Php 4,142,900.

The seized drugs were turned over to PDEA for further investigation and case build up for the possible violation of RA 9165 also known as the Comprehensive Drugs Act as well as RA 10863 also known as the Customs Modernization and Tariff Act (CMTA).

In their statement NAIA-IADITG assured that unscrupulous individuals taking advabtage of the holiday season rush will not succeed in their attempt to smuggle illegal drugs into the country.

NAIA-IADITG recently seized a shipment amounting ro Php 15.572 Million. BOC NAIA further strengthens its campaign against illegal drugs, the Port had a total of 30 drug busts for 2018, 31 for 2019, and 43 for 2020. For 2021, this marks the 57th illegal drug bust of Port of NAIA which were composed of Ecstacy (“Party Drugs”) and shabu.