Border Guard detained 7 illegal immigrants from Turkey, Syria and Turkmenistan, who crossed the border intending to reach Germany

Officers from the Border Guard Post in Korczowa detained three Syrian citizens, two men and a woman. A service dog found the foreigners. They had Syrian passports with them. They heard allegations of illegal border crossing. They confessed and voluntarily submitted to a six-month prison sentence suspended for two years.

A similar event took place in the section protected by the Border Guard Post in Medyka. First, Border Guard officers noticed traces of crossing at the state border, then a patrol with a service dog found four people. Three Turks and a Turkmen citizen hid in a nearby corn plantation. During the border operations, a 47-year-old Ukrainian citizen was also detained, who was supposed to pick up the immigrants and transport them further to the West.

All the detainees got to Ukraine by air, intended to reach Germany and settle there permanently. Poland was only a transit country for them. As part of the readmission agreement, they will be transferred back to Ukraine.