Border guards detained 4 cars equipped with cigarette hiding places

In Šalčininkai district, VSAT officers intercepted four cars travelling from the Dieveniškės Loop, which were equipped with cigarette stashes. Five thousand packs of Belarusian cigarettes were found by Border Guards.

On Friday, the inspection of the Audi A6 vehicle revealed that there were hiding places in the roof, the spare wheel and the backs of the front seats. From these, the Border Guard recovered 1 000 packs of NZ Gold cigarettes with Belarusian band labels.

On Saturday, a 26-year-old resident of Šalčininkai district was caught driving a Volkswagen Phaeton in the same place. VSAT officers soon found out that the car, which was made in 2007, was also equipped with a hiding place. From the cavities in the fuel tank and in the door sills of the car, the Border Guard officers removed 1 070 packs of NZ Gold cigarettes with Belarusian excise stamps.

On Sunday afternoon, border guards of the G. Žagunio Border Guard Station stopped a 2010 Opel Insignia for checking at the exit of the Dieveniškės Loop. It was driven by a 29-year-old resident of Šalčininkai district.

After the check, it turned out that smokes were also smuggled in this vehicle. Border guards recovered 1 500 packs of NZ Gold cigarettes with Belarusian excise stamps from hiding places in the car’s floor and door sills.

Almost at the same time, another group of Border Guard officers stopped a Volkswagen Golf driven by a 32-year-old man from Šalčininkai, near the village of Širviai in Šalčininkai district.

There were indications that this vehicle might be carrying illegal goods, so it was decided to check it at the Gintaras Žagunis checkpoint.

It turned out that the car, which was built in 2009, had been converted into a hideout on wheels. Contraband cigarettes were found hidden in the car’s interior, under the rear seats, in the gearbox and behind the rear bumper. In total, Border Guards found 1 498 packs of NZ Gold cigarettes, marked with Belarusian banderoles.

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