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Border guards found 175 thousand packs of smuggled cigarettes in the wagon of a cargo train arriving from Belarus

Last Friday, officials of the Criminal Intelligence Division of the Pagėgiai Border Guard Team, the Šiauliai Border Guard and the Special Purpose Division of the Pagėgiai Division of the State Border Guard Service (SBGS) together with the Security Management staff of the Lithuanian Railways inspected a freight train parked here in Kėdainiai. It transported various bulk cargoes from Belarus.

Border guards already had information that illegal goods could be transported on this train. Such knowledge was confirmed: in one wagon of the convoy, where the stone chippings were transported, packages wrapped in tin sheets were found.

SBGS officers found 175 thousand people in them. a pack of cigarettes Fest and Minsk Capital QS with Belarusian stamps. The value of such cargo in Lithuania, including all mandatory taxes, is about 626.5 thousand. euros.

A pre-trial investigation has been initiated into the Pagėgiai border team of the SBGS regarding the illegal disposal of excisable goods.