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Border police and customs officers found 50,000 cigarettes among the legal goods in a truck

Border police officers at the Oryahovo border checkpoint stopped a truck moving in the direction of the Netherlands. Due to the coincidence with the established risk profiles, an assessment was made that it is possible for the driver, a Bulgarian citizen, to transport excise goods in violation of the law, so the uniformed officers decided to inspect the goods, including X-rays. 

The vehicle was escorted to the Vidin border checkpoint. The driver provided documents for the cargo (pillowcases) and stated that he did not transport excise goods. However, the X-ray scan showed objects other than the declared goods in the cargo space. During the physical inspection of the marked area, the border police and customs officers found a total of 2,500 boxes (50,000 pieces) of cigarettes with Bulgarian excise labels, hidden in a box with legal goods. 

The driver stated that the cigarettes were his and were transporting them to friends in the Netherlands, but did not have the necessary documents. Excise goods have been seized. An act for establishing an administrative violation has been drawn up for the driver of the truck.