Border policemen from RDGP – Smolyan detained two men who were smuggling immigrants

Bulgarian Border Police, Department – Krumovgrad stopped for inspection two cars – “Audi” and “Volkswagen”, driven by two men – aged 28 and 21. In the course of the inspection, it was established that 13 foreigners – men, aged 18 to 31, without identity documents – were traveling in the cars. Border police found that 12 of them were Iraqi and one Afghan. Some of the foreigners traveled in the trunks of cars.

The two drivers were detained for a period of 24 hours under the Ministry of Interior Act, and the foreign nationals were accommodated in a migration center. It has been established that the immigrants have crossed into our country through the green border with Greece, the two cars were waiting for them near a nearby settlement. The task of the two drivers was to take them to a settlement in the Stara Zagora region, and from there the foreign citizens to reach the border at the exit from the country. Their ultimate goal was a country in Western Europe.

The two Bulgarians were charged with complicity, illegally assisted foreigners to cross the country.