Caught Smuggling Tobacco in Refrigerated Truck

Officers from the Border Guard Post in Kłodzko and officers of the Customs and Treasury Service found over 14 tons of illegal raw tobacco in a refrigerated truck semi-trailer.

The illegal cargo was seized on the national road DK-8. The refrigerated trailer truck was detained for routine inspection. The driver, according to the documents presented, was supposed to transport cabbage from Slovakia. However, 96 cardboard boxes with raw tobacco without Polish excise stamps were revealed in the trailer. The total weight of contraband is 14,046 kg.

The Driver, resident of the province Lublin, in accordance with the prosecutor’s decision, was banned from leaving the country, under police supervision and was also obliged to pay a bail. For the illegal transport of tobacco, he is facing up to 10 years in prison and a large fine. For the lack of the required notification in the Sent system, the driver received a fine of PLN 7,500.