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Cigarettes worth over 207,000 lei confiscated at the border with Ukraine

On January 31 this year, the Suceava Border Police, in cooperation with workers from the Brodina Border Police Sector, carried out an action to combat cigarette smuggling.

During the action, in the direction of Brodina, in a forested area, a car registered in Great Britain. The car was abandoned, and packs of cigarettes could be seen inside. Subsequently, searches in the area were continued, and about a kilometer from the border line to the interior of the country, three more packages of cigarettes were found.

The entire goods were transported to the headquarters of STPF Suceava. Following the inventory of cigarettes, it was found that there were 16,460 packs in the car, and the three packages contained 1,305 packs of cigarettes. Due to the very rough terrain, the car could not be transported to the headquarters of STPF Suceava, an activity that will take place during this day.