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CNIM Air Space and Logos Technologies join forces to offer a high-performance airborne surveillance solution

CNIM Air Space, European expert in aerostat systems and Logos Technologies, leader of the wide-area motion imagery (WAMI) technology, have announced a partnership to commercialize on the French market a new persistent and high-performance airborne surveillance solution.

Gaëtan Breurec, managing director of CNIM Air Space, explains “This partnership targets the French needs in terms of airborne surveillance over long periods and large areas by associating CNIM Air Space’s range of tethered aerostats with Logos Technologies’ WAMI MicroKestrel system”.

Airborne surveillance aerostat systems are a cost-effective solution in terms of cost per operating hour compared to other airborne surveillance systems. Their other major added value is their persistence. Tethered aerostats are designed to fly 24/7 for several days and even weeks. Combined with the ultra-lightweight Microkestrel, which can detect, track and record multiple, geo-graphically dispersed movers across an area, these platforms make for a comprehensive high-performance surveillance solution.

Alan Murdoch, Vice-President of International Programs for Logos Technologies, concludes, “Surveillance systems combining tethered aerostats and WAMI have already proven their effectiveness, whether in theaters of operation with the U.S. military or at major sporting events such as the Rio Olympics. We are delighted to count CNIM Air Space as our most recent formal partner”.