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Contraband cigarettes discovered by Coast Guard border guards in special compartments in the walls of a ship arriving from Libya

Border police officers from the Coast Guard, accompanied by a service dog, managed to identify a quantity of contraband cigarettes hidden, in an unusual way, in the walls of a ship that arrived in the Port of Midia, from Libya. Three members of the crew, Romanian citizens, are being investigated for cigarette smuggling.

The ship anchored in the Port of Midia on September 11, and a service dog for the detection of tobacco products also participated in the control carried out by the border police.

Thus, in the ballast stores located in the walls of the ship, more than 120 cartons of cigarettes of various brands were found, hidden in compartments specially built for this purpose.

Following the inventory of the goods, the quantity of 1,387 packs of cigarettes, various brands, totaling approx. 27,740 lei.

In the case, a criminal case was drawn up for committing the crime of smuggling against 3 members of the crew, Romanian citizens, who declared that the cigarettes belonged to them equally. The investigations are continued by the case prosecutor from the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the Constanţa Court.