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Curaçao Announces World’s First Pre-Flight Biometric Digital ID Verification for Contactless Border Crossing in partnership with Airside and Vision-Box

The government of Curaçao in conjunction with Curaçao Airport Holding has embarked on an innovative partnership with Airside and Vision-Box to create the world’s first mobile-based, pre-enrollment border crossing system. The program will utilize integrated traveller-controlled, remote and in-person technologies, provided by Airside and Vision-Box, allowing visitors to feel the authentic Curaçaoan spirit as soon as they land.  

Visitors to Curaçao will enjoy a hassle-free experience with the following features:

  • Mobile Verification:  Using the Airside Digital Identity App on their smartphone, visitors to the popular Caribbean getaway will share their verified passports with border control officials before their trip. 
  • Contactless Entry/Exit: Upon arrival or departure at the airport, travellers will simply show their face to quickly process through the newly updated, contactless entry/exit Seamless Journey platform and eGates, provided by Vision-Box.