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Dangerous method chosen by migrants to enter Romania fraudulently – hiding on the chassis of trucks

At the Calafat Border Crossing Point, Dolj County, two Turkish citizens, aged 24 and 40, respectively, who were driving two trucks. The drivers were transporting, according to the documents accompanying the goods, car parts, respectively pepper, on the route Turkey – Czech Republic and Turkey – Germany.

During the physical control of the means of vehicles, on their chassis, in storage compartments, two men were discovered , who did not have identity documents, one of them being a minor.

The research showed that the detected persons, aged 11 and 32, respectively, were of Syrian and Turkish citizenship, respectively. The two foreigners told the police that they got on the chassis in a parking lot in Sofia, without the driver’s consent. They intended to reach Germany.

Border police extended the checks, and two other men were discovered , without identity documents, in a collection channel near PT.F. Calafat. They stated that they were Syrian citizens, aged 18 and 28, respectively, and had also arrived at the border crossing hidden in the chassis of a truck.

According to the Romanian-Bulgarian protocol, they were taken over by the Bulgarian Border Police, in order to continue the investigations and order the necessary legal measures.