Dismantled a clandestine laboratory that manufactured marijuana sweets in the center of Barcelona

The Spanish Civil Guard has carried out an operation in which a clandestine laboratory in the center of Barcelona has been dismantled in which marijuana sweets in the shape of colored bears were manufactured. In the operation, three people of British, Dutch and Russian origin have been arrested for the alleged commission of a crime of drug trafficking.

70 shipments have been seized, 5000 marijuana sweets, 12 kg of marijuana, 6 kg of hashish and numerous material used for the manufacture, packaging and distribution of the drug and three people were arrested for the alleged commission of a crime of drug trafficking who have entered prison.

The investigation began after the interception of a series of postal parcel shipments of candies created with marijuana to different parts of Europe (Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Croatia).The agents tightened the siege in a flat in the center of Barcelona, ​​being able to verify that it was a laboratory where the criminal organization created sweets in the form of colored bears based on marijuana and other chemical components harmful to health.

Deep Web

The criminal organization, based in Barcelona, ​​received orders through encrypted instant messaging applications or on the “Deep Web” and sent the marijuana sweets hidden inside to numerous European countries by postal parcel.The operation was carried out by agents of the Organic Unit of the Judicial Police of the Civil Guard of Barcelona.