Dismantled a criminal organization dedicated to hashish trafficking by sea in Huelva

The Spanish Civil Guard and Customs Surveillance of the Tax Agency, carried out an operation against drug trafficking, dismantling a criminal organization in an operation that began at the end of 2022.

The actions carried out are the result of coordinated surveillance by the two bodies deployed in the framework of the intensification of the fight against drug trafficking on the Huelva coast.

Operation Kronos II began last November when, after investigations, it became known of the introduction of numerous drug caches along the coast of Huelva, especially through the towns of Ayamonte and Isla Cristina.

The modus operandi consisted of introducing bales of hashish through recreational boats, hiding it in a double bottom. Once they reached land, the drug was transported in all-terrain vehicles to the place where it was stored until it was distributed, usually being underground zulos or homes near the coast. 

The agents established a series of coordinated operations in the area, frustrating up to five caches, intervening a total of 7.2 tons of hashish, including the two operations carried out in April and May, where a total of 2.6 tons were seized. of hashish

This led the investigators to locate those responsible for the activity, supposedly being members of a well-known family clan in the town of Ayamonte.

After several months of investigation and analysis of information and once the alleged authorship of the members of the organization was verified, the exploitation phase began. In the early hours of June 27, after the corresponding authorization from the Ayamonte Investigating Court No. a total of eight arrests for the alleged authorship of the crimes of belonging to a criminal organization and drug trafficking.

Among the seized objects, two carbines and a compressed air pistol, a taser, ten luxury watches, night vision elements, video surveillance systems, frequency detectors, tracking beacons and 17,075 euros in bills of various values, among others, have been seized. objects.

In addition, a total of 15 recreational boats and 14 vehicles were seized, of which three were stolen, being returned to their rightful owners.

Both investigations remain open by Customs Surveillance and Civil Guard, not ruling out future arrests.

The proceedings, together with the seized objects, were placed at the competent judicial disposal. As for the eight detainees, three entered permanent prison and five were released on bail, with the knowledge of the Huelva Special Anti-drug Prosecutor’s Office.