Dismantled a Polish drug trafficking organization that transported drugs to northern and eastern Europe

The Spanish Civil Guard and the Polish Central Bureau of Investigation of Poland, coordinated by Europol and Eurojust in the so-called Bratva operation, have arrested 13 members of a criminal organization of Polish origin dedicated to drug trafficking from Spain to the Scandinavian countries and Poland.

The Civil Guard and the Polish Police detected, at the end of 2020, an organization that was based in the province of Malaga, made up of people with extensive records related to drug trafficking.

The agents of the Civil Guard were able to verify that the members of the organization were making use of a warehouse located in an industrial estate in Coín (Málaga) and detected frequent movements of those under investigation in the aforementioned place, where heavy vehicles entered in the midst of strong security measures.

In one of the surveillances, they observed the arrival of a large tonnage truck that arrived at the ship where it was received by one of the investigated and proceeded to load it in the middle of the night, which increased suspicions of the activity that was taking place. in said place. Once the truck left the place and suspecting that it might be carrying some type of narcotic substance hidden, it was intercepted on the A-7 in the province of Malaga.

After a first inspection inside, the civil guards found ceramic material and marble structures. With the help of a drug detection dog, 65 kilograms of marijuana and 117 kilograms of hashish were found hidden among the merchandise. As a result, the driver of Serbian nationality was detained and told the officers that the destination of the cargo was Sweden.

The investigation remained open for several months and allowed three members of the organization to be followed during one of the drug shipments. The suspects were traveling on the A-92 separated in two vehicles and keeping a fixed distance one in front of the other, this method is known as Go Fast, whose function is to recognize the route to warn the cargo vehicle, which is driving behind, of the possible police presence during the journey. Once the cargo vehicle was intercepted, the agents discovered a false bottom with three packages of 30.6-kilogram hashish tablets that the driver of Polish origin intended to transport to his country, for which he was arrested. .

Entries and searches were carried out at homes in Estepona, Marbella and Coín, where 56.6 kg of hashish, 2,355 euros, 4 vehicles, taser pistols, walkie talkies, electronic material, documentation, objects and pieces of police equipment, such as vests, t-shirts, identification plates and masks, all with the emblem of the Civil Guard.

Police effects are used by drug trafficking organizations to impersonate members of the Security Forces and Bodies, in order to steal the drug from other drug traffickers, which in jargon is known by the term ” overturn “.

As a result of the continuing investigation, two other Polish citizens were arrested.

In turn, in Poland, by the police of that country and with the presence of Civil Guard agents in the actions carried out, another 7 members of the organization were arrested, including the treasurer.

Finally, the leader of the organization was detected residing in a luxury urbanization in the town of Altea (Alicante), who has 31 accusations of crimes related to drug trafficking in his country, and another senior official of the same in Estepona. The Polish Prosecutor’s Office requested the European Investigation and Arrest and Surrender Orders (OEDE) for these two individuals, which were executed by the Civil Guard with the collaboration of Polish police officers sent to Spain. The two homes were searched and both were arrested, seizing numerous electronic devices containing information of interest for the investigation and documentation for analysis, as well as more than 300,000 euros in cash that were hidden in one of the houses.

The operation has resulted in the dismantling of the organization and the arrest of 13 members of the criminal organization, including its leader who is considered an important “capo” of drug trafficking in Poland and the Scandinavian countries. In addition, 204 kilograms of hashish and 65 kilograms of marijuana have been seized during the operation, as well as a total of 6 vehicles.