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Dismantled an international criminal organization based in Spain dedicated to performing neoshamanic rituals

The 18 detainees promoted and developed – for profit – rituals, where they supplied different psychoactive substances that were prohibited and dangerous for the health of the participants.

The organization maintained headquarters known as “epicenters of inner evolution” in Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Malaga, Granada and Ibiza) and in other countries such as France, Italy, Belgium, Ireland, Finland, Romania, Malta, Mexico, Colombia and Turkey. among others

At the Madrid Airport and in the searches carried out, the agents have seized narcotics such as a kilo of mescaline and a large amount of psychoactive drugs, among which 60 kilograms of ayahuasca stand out.

A doctor and his partner, who posed as a graduate in medicine, collaborated in the organization by endorsing and supervising the consumption of substances.