Dismantled one of the most active drug trafficking criminal organizations in Europe

Agents of the Spanish National Police, in a joint operation with the Swedish Police, the French OFAST and the Dutch Police, coordinated by EUROPOL, have dismantled one of the most active drug trafficking organizations in Europe. In the operation, five people have been arrested in our country, including two members of the Mocro maffia in Spain, one of them considered by the Swedish authorities to be the most prominent criminal in his country.

The investigators focused their investigations on an important Colombian drug trafficker who has been importing narcotic substances from Colombia to Spain for more than a decade, and who has a wide network of contacts in our national territory. The development of the investigation allowed the investigators to know the criminal structure that the organization had established in Spain, France and Colombia. Thanks to his experience in the world of drug trafficking, he had managed to build a criminal network in our country in order to introduce into Europe, through Spain, the huge amounts of cocaine that his clients demanded of him.

The investigations carried out indicated that he was organizing a transfer of cocaine in waters near Venezuela, to later transfer the narcotic substance to Europe. The shipment, of more than three tons of drugs, was loaded on a sailboat bound for Spain, specifically to the Huelva coast, where two prominent drug traffickers would be in charge of coordinating the tasks of unloading, storage and subsequent transportation of the drug imported from Venezuela. 

Once the drug was found on land, a police intervention took place in the first phase of the operation, carried out last year, in which part of the 3,228 kilograms of cocaine transported to our country were seized. Specifically, 1,623 kilos of cocaine were found hidden in a “cove” of a garage located in the heart of Huelva’s capital. In this first phase, two of those investigated, in charge of the custody of the narcotic substance, were arrested.

At this point in the investigation, the agents intensified the operational activity on other targets that would be distributing the rest of the imported cocaine among their clients. One of these investigated turned out to be a subject considered by the Swedish authorities as the most active criminal in recent years. 

Arrested in Ibiza

A new meeting took place in Barcelona between several drug traffickers 

for the planning of a drug transport operation. A meeting that was followed by other contacts with their clients as well as the Venezuelan carriers. Once all the sufficient indications and evidence on those investigated were obtained, a second phase of the operation was carried out, on June 30. In this second phase, the agents managed to arrest the alleged perpetrators of the criminal organization that operated in Spain, one of them located in Ibiza – where he was on vacation – and another in the prison where he is currently serving a sentence for other acts. .

Likewise, two house searches were carried out, in which a 7.65-caliber handgun with the serial number erased, money, notes, telephone terminals and computer devices were found. 

The operation has involved a major international effort at investigative levels with the involvement of several countries, as well as EUROPOL, which has been coordinating the actions of the different agencies involved in the events.