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Eight foreign nationals rescued by border guards from a refrigerated truck

At the Romanian Giurgiu Border Crossing Point, a refrigerated truck, driven by a 26-year-old Turkish citizen, transporting spices from Turkey, presented itself to enter the country for Germany.

At the border control, the police found eight people, seven men and one woman, between the ages of 18 and 35, hidden in the semi-trailer of the truck, equipped with a refrigeration system, among the boxes of spices.

At the time of disembarking from the transport, the persons complained of feeling sick and hypothermic. The border police immediately gave them first aid and requested medical support through SNUAU 112.

Crews of the Giurgiu County Ambulance Service arrived at the scene, who transported the people to the headquarters of the Giurgiu County Emergency Hospital, for the provision of specialized help.

After the stabilization of the state of health and the discharge of the foreign nationals, they will be taken over, together with the Turkish driver, by the Bulgarian Border Police in order to continue the investigations.