EUBAM helps Moldova and Ukraine to strengthen efforts in fighting illicit firearms trafficking

EUBAM and its Partner Services, supported by EUROPOL, Frontex and OSCE, initiated the joint cross-border working group on fighting weapons, ammunition and explosives  trafficking (Arms Working Group). The Working Group was established to enhance Ukraine and Moldova’s efforts in combating illicit firearms trafficking.

On 26 February 2020, in the framework of this initiative, the 1st Arms Working Group Meeting was held in Odesa. During the meeting experts from border, customs, police, security and nuclear regulatory agencies from the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine, as well as Frontex, Europol and OSCE had the opportunity to exchange expertise and best practices and review trends and modus operandi in firearms trafficking in the region. Significant cases of weapons detection were also presented.

The members of the group agreed on the Action Plan for 2020 and expressed their confidence that the activities planned will significantly increase the international cooperation and enhance their operational capacity in counteracting this phenomenon.