False and Authentic Documents Online system (FADO)

The use of false documents has risen significantly in recent years. Just last year, over 7 000 fraudulent document users were detected at the EU’s external borders. False documents are a criminal’s favourite tools: they can be used repeatedly for many illegal activities.

For years Frontex, the European Border and Coast Guard Agency, has been at the frontline of the fight with document and identity fraud. In April, the agency expanded its presence in this area, becoming responsible for the operation of the False and Authentic Documents Online system (FADO).

Thanks to FADO, a border guard will need only seconds to verify an ID, driving or vehicle license. EU Member States and European institutions, along with airlines, international organisations and many others will be able to benefit from the system’s database, including information on authentic and false documents, as well as forgery techniques used by criminals. FADO will be operated by Frontex’s Centre of Excellence for Combatting Document Fraud (CED).