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Final report on the work of JHA Agencies Network in 2021: Going green and digital

Frontex has just published its final report on the work of the Justice and Home Affairs (JHA) Agencies’ Network in 2021.

Under the Frontex presidency, the network focused on environment and sustainability. In a series of events throughout the year, the agencies discussed the impact of climate change on migration and organised crime, looked at EU and international efforts in fighting environmental crimes, presented and exchanged ideas about how to make their administrations carbon-neutral and digital solutions that will make the agencies more effective.

This leading topic reflected the political priority of the European Commission, the European Green Deal. The main objective was to understand how the work of the agencies might be affected by climate change and what the agencies can do to better protect the environment and integrate sustainability in their operational, analytical, scientific, and administrative activities.

The network also produced a paper on environmental crime which presents the JHA Agencies’ key achievements in the fight against environmental crime and contributions towards protecting the environment.

Digitalisation was another major element of the Frontex Presidency. Like the European Green Deal, it has been put high on the main EU strategic political agendas for the upcoming years. The network discussed artificial intelligence, secure communication channels, crisis management, data protection, publications, ongoing development, and implementation of new functionalities of EU large-scale IT systems.

The network also conducted an assessment of its added value by looking back at the achievements and analysing the established cooperation practices. The results, including the recommendations are presented in the assessment report.

Below key achievements of the network this year:

  • Seminar on environmental crime;
  • Seminar “Understanding the Influence of climate change on Justice and Home Affairs”
  • Research study for European Border and Coast Guard (EBCG) and Frontex with a focus on green solutions – “How our community can become greener?”
  • Seminar on “How to make the JHA Agencies administrations carbon neutral by 2030?”
  • Seminar on Artificial Intelligence
  • Joint paper on fighting environmental crime
  • Joint Statement on the EU Green Deal
  • The Green Deal and European Border and Coast Guard study
  • Artificial Intelligence – based capabilities for European Border and Coast Guard study
  • Joint report of the JHA agencies’ network on the identification and protection of victims of human trafficking
  • Assessment Report

The final report on the activities of the Justice and Home Affairs Agencies Network in 2021 is available here along with the assessment of the Network’s achievements and working methods.

About the network

The JHA Agencies Network connects the EU Agencies protecting the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice. They contribute to the implementation of EU’s objectives in the fields of migration, asylum and external border management, the fight against serious organised crime, drug trafficking and terrorism, gender equality and respect for fundamental rights.