Finnish Border Guard sends more patrols to Lithuania

Finnish Border Guard will send additional border guards to support the Lithuanian border authorities in border surveillance at the country’s land border with Belarus. The patrols specialising in land border surveillance will set off for Lithuania as part of the rapid border intervention operation launched by the European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex) in the country.

On 14 July, the Border Guard sent one two-person patrol to join the operation; consequently, after the additional patrols are sent, the Border Guard has eight border guards with equipment suitable for land border surveillance in Lithuania as part of the Frontex operation. 

Two weeks ago, Frontex decided to launch a rapid border intervention in Lithuania as the number of unauthorised border crossings from Belarus to Lithuania had remained high throughout July compared to previous months. The Member States have an obligation to participate in the intervention, the objective of which is to provide support to the Lithuanian border authorities with additional resources at a short notice. 

During the operation, the patrols of the Border Guard will operate in accordance with the Frontex Operational Plan and the instructions issued by the host Member State. The activities are based on laws and fundamental rights and human rights. 

The Border Guard personnel and equipment are sent annually to participate in Frontex operations as agreed in the Agency’s annual planning or on the basis of Frontex requests. When sending resources, the Border Guard always takes national tasks into account, and participation in operations must not jeopardise the performance of the Border Guard’s core tasks. 

Frontex and the host state are responsible for communicating information on the operation.