Found 70 kilos of empty marijuana in a fish truck bound for France

The Spanish Civil Guard has seized in La Jonquera (Girona) 70 kilos of vacuum-packed marijuana that were to be introduced into France.

The drug traveled hidden among kilos of fish. Specifically, the agents have found it in a false bottom made on the roof of this transport vehicle. The driver of the same has been arrested at the time of the intervention.

The drug was vacuum-packed, neatly packaged in one-kilo packages for sale and distribution in France. The discovery has taken place in the ARS service area of ​​La Jonquera (Girona).

After a thorough inspection of the cargo and the vehicle, the agents have detected how the upper part of the vehicle’s box seemed to have been manipulated. 

Thanks to the support of the narcotics detector dog that marks positive for some type of narcotic substance, the false bottom is discovered at the top in which the 70 one-kilo packages of the substance that has tested positive for marijuana are found.

The proceedings instructed, together with the detainee and the seized items have been made available to the Investigating Court on duty in Figueres (Girona).